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Upper Endoscopy

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Upper endoscopy or Panendoscopy

Is performed using an endoscope that is a thin, flexible tube that is inserted through the mouth and pharynx and transmits real images of the inside of the digestive system that are sent to a monitor. With this procedure we analyze the esophagus, stomach and a small portion of the small intestine. We also take biopsies (small tissue samples) that are sent for analysis under the microscope for the precise diagnosis.

In what cases is a top endoscopy indicated?

It is usually indicated for the study of symptoms such as:  

  • Abdominal pain 
  • Hearthburn  that do not cease with the usual treatment 
  • Nausea or persistent vomiting 
  • Persistent digestive hemorrhage 
  • High chest pain of non-cardiac source 
  • To investigate the cause of black evacuations 
  • Sudden weight loss of unknown origin 
  • Persistent lack of appetite

With upper endoscopy we visualized exactly and confirmed histologically diseases. We also perform a lot of treatments without surgery. Some of them are: 

  • Extraction of foreign bodies ingested accidentally or intentionally 
  • Control of haemorrhage from esophageal or gastric varices
  • Lligation with rubber bands for esophageal varices 
  • To place Prosthesis in esophagus or stomach 
  • Resection of polyps in the gastric chamber
  • Argon Plasma Copagulation 
  • Ablation with Radiofrequency 
  • G-POEM 
  • Endoscopic  submucosal dissection of pre malignant and malignan lesions
  • Radited cuts in areas with severe narrowing in upper digestive tract, betwen others.